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State Relations


South Portico A night view of the South Portico of Virginia's Capitol building.


The Office of Government Relations develops and coordinates strategies for Virginia Tech on a broad array of state government issues in Richmond, working with both the General Assembly and the executive branch. We also serve as a liaison to state agency directors and Secretaries to promote faculty research and to develop technical assistance and research opportunities.

State law directives from the Office of the Governor require the University to designate official spokespersons to communicate its positions to the General Assembly and to coordinate its legislative proposals through the Governor's Cabinet Secretaries.  The University President and other specifically designated by the President are authorized spokespersons.  The Office of Government Relations oversees all state legislative relations.  This office coordinates all presentations to legislators, legislative committees, and letters and electronic communications to elected officials on behalf of the University concerning policy or funding issues.  This office coordinates relations with the Governor's Office, General Assembly, Cabinet Secretaries, State agencies, and legislative staff and works closely with our Vice Presidents, Deans, Departmental Chairs and faculty members to ensure coordination.  In the event that University faculty or staff is contacted by a Member of staff of the General Assembly to testify before a committee or otherwise engage with the General Assembly with regard to their personal and/or professional expertise, such faculty and staff should notify and coordinate with the Office of Government Relations.  Faculty and staff must note that their testimonies do not represent the official position of the University, unless otherwise authorized by the President. 

State Government Resources

Code of Virginia
Branches of State Government
Contact State Government
Governor of Virginia
Governor’s Cabinet
Virginia General Assembly
Legislative Information System
Who’s My Legislator?


House of Delegates


SCHEV (State Council for Higher Education for Virginia)
Virginia Business Higher Education Council
Secretary of Education, Anne Holton.

Contact Us

Arlington Office

Christopher Yianilos
Executive Director of Government Relations
900 N. Glebe Road, Suite 2-316
Arlington, VA 22203
540-231-7111 (Office)
540-231-2337 (Fax)

Blacksburg Office

D'Elia Chandler
Assistant Director of Government Relations
Burruss Hall, Room 219
800 Drillfield Drive
540-231-7111 (Phone)
540-231-2337 (Fax)

Ralph Byers
Advisor to Government Relations
Burruss Hall, Room 219
800 Drillfield Drive
540-231-7111 (Phone)
540-231-2337 (Fax)

Margie Murray
Special Events Coordinator
Burruss Hall, Room 219
800 Drillfield Drive
540-231-5637 (Phone)
540-231-2337 (Fax)

Christine McCann
Administrative Assistant
Burruss Hall, Room 219
800 Drillfield Drive
Blacksburg, Virginia 24061
540-231-7111 (Phone)
540-231-2337 (Fax)

Richmond Office

Elizabeth Hooper
Director of State Relations
11 South 12th Street, Suite 202
Richmond, Virginia 23219
804-786-1604 (Phone)
804-786-0590 (Fax)

Nancy Hagen
Administrative Staff Assistant
11 South 12 th Street, Suite 202
Richmond, Virginia 23219
804-786-8110 (Phone)
804-786-0590 (Fax)