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As a land-grant university, Virginia Tech is committed to serving the Commonwealth of Virginia through education, research, and outreach efforts.  Virginia Tech is represented in every city and county in Virginia through our Cooperative Extension offices. We support communities by disseminating knowledge, preparing K-12 students for success, and helping to create innovation and jobs.


  • 4-H Centers: Virginia 4-H centers offer programs that have a proven and effective method of teaching youth life skills. Each year more than 17,000 youth participate in 4-H programs at Virginia’s six 4-H educational centers.
  • ARECs: Agricultural Research and Extension Offices (ARECs) conduct research on food and fiber systems, their impact on the environment, and their relation to the future needs of Virginia, the nation, and the world. The 11 sites, totaling almost 4,300 acres, represent the Commonwealth’s agricultural diversity. ARECs focus on questions and challenges that are important to local communities and disseminate research findings to the community.
  • College Access Collaborative: Virginia Tech serves the Commonwealth through partnerships with communities with low high school attainment and low matriculation to post-secondary education. The College Access Collaborative (formed in summer 2016) seeks to expand these partnerships. Partnerships involve a multipronged approach to provide support, outreach, and resources to students, parents, teachers, and counselors within identified schools. Services and activities include seminars and advising on college preparation, teacher and counselor professional development workshops and mentorship, and student and parent visits to Virginia Tech.


Data Disclaimers:

  • Alumni and student addresses are provided and updated by the individual. Therefore, the New River Valley area reports higher numbers since individuals may change their permanent address to be in Blacksburg, VA and individuals may not change their addresses once they become alumni.
  • P.O. Box and incorrect address entries do not show up in data sets.
  • Accomack and Northampton County lines are drawn to encompass the whole peninsula. Therefore, when the map is filled in, the waterways are covered up. However, if the box at the bottom of the “Map Layers” box is unclicked, the peninsula is visible. 

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